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An event responding to the exhibiton 'The John Moores Painting Prize and the Rise of the Sixties' at the LJMU Exhibition Research Lab


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In the spirit of a sixties ‘Happening’ spoken word artists, musicians and visual artists responded to the exhibition.  


Locating the event at the Exhibition Research Lab provided a space to ask questions about curatorial decision making and experimentation. How can we connect and enter into dialogue with the archive? What resonates with us today and what is questioned? The participating artists collaborated with Adi to find how each can respond using their skills and interests, to stretch their practice and contribute to the exhibition.


About the exhibition

The event organised by Adi Lerer was a response to a research and archival-based exhibition curated by Dr Hana Leaper. The exhibition combined material from the first decade of the John Moores Painting Prize with records of other important cultural events and movements in 1960s Liverpool. It traced points of origin for the rise of a local youth culture that became a global phenomenon.

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Photography by Graham Smillie

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